Richard Armitage “signed on very late in the game”

Here. Long paragraph about how much he likes Armitage’s performance.

~ by Servetus on July 10, 2017.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage “signed on very late in the game””

  1. It’s a little confusing since he says Warren wanted Richard Armitage all along, but Richard Armitage signed on late because other pieces fell apart.


    • Yeah, that felt like a bobble if I ever read one. It was an accident that he participated, but we wanted him from the beginning? he was trying to save himself from having said that they really wanted whoever agreed to do it first, more?

      So he did this in … January / February? while he was doing Oceans 8 stuff? Which is now also sounding increasingly like he was not the original choice, but a “save” after Damien Lewis quit?


      • A lot of fans thought that from the beginning once it looked like Damian Lewis was out. Have you any additional news that makes you think Richard Armitage was a fill-in for Ocean’s 8? He backed out of that SCi/Fi robot film about that time. Ocean’s 8 was confusing too, because sources listed Lewis still in it as a “boyfriend” and Claude as a “curator”. Lewis’s name seems to have appeared and disappeared, but ultimately, I thought Richard Armitage did replace Lewis. So, is there something more you know about that?
        There’s a lot of interview stuff to chew over that’s come out in the last few days.


        • I don’t have additional evidence; I was repeating the common wisdom (hence the question mark). I also wasn’t watching the news on Oceans 8 at all until the info about Armitage hit the entertainment press. But I think that it’s just as possible based on the nothing we know that Armitage was in the original cast and/or was working on the film / preparing for the film already before the end of 2016.


          • You answered the question. LOL – There’s nothing we know on either side – except that Armitage was announced later than most other major cast – but not all ( James Corden) and he backed out of an announced project just before he was announced for Ocean’s 8.
            Anyway, re: Castlevania – the producers may have stumbled into a happy accident by casting Richard Armitage.


            • it’s almost an Armitage trope — Mr. Last Minute — but in this case it comes from another source. In any case, I think they definitely get a lot of extra mileage from him, but am guessing that for the core audience for the project McTavish was the bigger draw, at least initially. I wonder who was originally cast as Belmont, though.


              • I’m curious too, about their first choice. Did they already have the character’s look, because there’s enough of a resemblance to Richard Armitage so that I was able to imagine it was an animated version him.


                • I thought that too — that was a significant piece of the appeal for me. Another thing that surprised me about this interview.


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