Some more reactions to Castlevania #richardarmitage

Trevor, masterfully voiced by Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage delivers a fantastic version of inebriated-yet-lethal asshole

[via Julia] Armitage relishes every insult and put-down

There’s a moment that really drives the voice work home. When Trevor first arrives outside of Gresit

Extensive praise of Warren Ellis.

Richard Armitage does a decent job as Trevor Belmont. But, compared to McTavish and Callis, he is somewhat outclassed.

AV Club reads it as an attack on religion although not on people of faith. Also says it’s not the Catholic Church. Shrugs.

Richard Armitage “does well with what he is given here.

Reads it as an attack on religious belief in general.

Did I link this one?

The fact I’m interested in watching a second season is just about the best endorsement imaginable.

A terrible series, a good video game movie.

OUCH. GQ hates it. Really hates it.

Leaves us wanting more.

Praises voice acting.

[and there are about three six dozen more YT reviews just in my Google Alerts, which I am not going to watch  … sorry! YT fatigue!]


~ by Servetus on July 10, 2017.

One Response to “Some more reactions to Castlevania #richardarmitage”

  1. Thanks for compiling these, gonna read through these tonight. 😀

    Jeremy Jahns posted a review on youtube, favorable reaction, but no mention of RA.


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