Alison Kenward adds to list of Richard Armitage’s juvenilia

Here. Finian’s Rainbow with the Coventry Operatic Society (their webpage refers to him, too), while at Pattison College. If you’re not familiar with the work, it’s one of those cheesy American musicals from the 1940s that have become perennial audience favorites, especially for high schools and amateur groups. In it, a leprechaun chases a family who steals his pot of gold and moves to the U.S. South; hi-jinks ensue.

And OMG, there’s a tiny picture there. Tantalizing!

~ by Servetus on July 11, 2017.

11 Responses to “Alison Kenward adds to list of Richard Armitage’s juvenilia”

  1. Great find.


    • Well, she tweeted it. So I didn’t have to work too hard for the initial trail. But SO interesting as it wasn’t on the list of “known” productions. (Also in terms of cultural associations — 1947 was also the year of the premiere of Brigadoon … and seeing what kind of other productions the Coventry Operatic Society has been doing, and what else a regional English audience might want to have seen in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, they didn’t post a complete least of their productions.)


  2. Picture is way too tiny to see, but I’m assuming he’s the tall one in the back row. 🙂


    • Exactly my train of thought. Presumably he’s not wearing a dress and that leaves only a few options, but you can’t really see faces very well. And yeah: “Armitage stands in the back.”


    • Wish the picture was bigger but your assumption is the same as mine. His usual place to stand in group pictures! 😉


  3. This is very weird, as Ms Kenward is one of our long term clients at work, my two worlds have collided!!


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