Castlevania reactions day 5 #richardarmitage

The stream is thinning a bit. Nonetheless:

voiced, in a key bit of casting, by Richard Armitage

Adi Shankar actively turned down a live-action version of the property.

Compares Castlevania to Beauty and the Beast.

Why Castlevania is infuriating.

A gamer site review.

The Daily Kansan loves it. I note this mostly because university audiences should be right in the sweet spot for this show.

Sees the show as an argument for church / state separation.

Richard Armitage does a great job

Cairo, Egypt weighs in. Excellent voice acting.

I gradually warmed up to Trevor’s controlled laziness

Also rues the absence of wall chickens.

Apparently doesn’t like the voice acting.

Voice acting leaves a bit to be desired.

~ by Servetus on July 11, 2017.

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