“Richard Armitage … is both impressive and somewhat sly”


~ by Servetus on July 11, 2017.

11 Responses to ““Richard Armitage … is both impressive and somewhat sly””

  1. Was man zu Hause so alles findet… here’s a German (fan) review. From Bremerhaven… Praises Richard, too. http://stadt-bremerhaven.de/castlevaniaangeschaut-rettet-die-serie-den-ruf-von-videospieleadaptionen/


    • Wow. Interesting place to find that!

      I’ve been wondering what languages people have been watching in. For instance, I know there’s a Japanese dub. I would have thought Netflix Germany would have dubbed it in German. Who knew?


      • I suspect there is a German-dubbed version. But the reviewer says somewhere that he opted to watch in English – and immediately highlights Armitage: “Übrigens habe ich die erste Staffel auf Englisch geschaut und war auch von der Sprecherbesetzung sehr angetan: Richard Armitage, euch vermutlich am besten als Thorin Eichenschild aus der „Der Hobbit“-Trilogie bekannt, gibt Trevor Belmont. “


        • I saw the Armitage quote — I’ve just taken to skimming these (I’ve read about four dozen now), so I didn’t see he opted to watch in English. Well, good for him! The German Trevor has stiff competition.

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      • Ce serait une tâche impossible, une gageure totale, une absurdité complète de vouloir juger la voix de Richard Armitage à partir d’une version étrangère.
        Aux fans, il ne reste que l’unique alternative d’une VO. Les fans non natifs d’un pays anglophone ou ne possédant pas la maîtrise de la langue , font preuve d’une ténacité remarquable. Je leur témoigne ma sincère reconnaissance et mes hommages respectueux.


        • yeah, someone else’s voice over of a cartoon wouldn’t have anything to do with him. I am impressed with anyone who consumes culture in a language outside their native tongue as I have a little inkling of how difficult that could be. Armitage does have quite a few non-Anglophone fans who don’t listen to the audiobooks, though.


          • Une audition des audiobooks pour sa voix hypnotique, les soirs de canicule où il est difficile de trouver le sommeil


      • They have, you can choose between English, German, French, Italian and Turkish on Netflix.de


  2. Thank you for providing so many reviews for us to pour over. I watched the whole thing with my son, who was familiar with the game. He thought it was great. However, my husband walked through the room and couldn’t believe we were watching a “cartoon” . Then my son outed me by telling him Richard Armitage voiced a character in it. Major eyeroll and grunt followed. Oh well, he should be used to it by now.

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