Castlevania has been good news for Richard Armitage and me

Trevor Belmont in Castlevania 1.2.

Are you feeling good yet?

This wave of good feeling has come as a big surprise to me. As I’m not a part of the world that watches anime or video games with a lot of attention, I didn’t understand how significant the Castlevania release would be. But it’s clear: Castlevania is getting at least as many reviews as any Hobbit film did, and many of them are significantly more detailed.

Core audiences not only really care about this release; they are quite positive about it. Yes, there have been some scorching reviews and some fans who haven’t liked it, and almost every review has a reservation about something. But that’s how it should be. Richard Armitage is coming in for significant praise — he’s frequently praised jointly with the rest of the cast and severally, as himself — and even if the praise isn’t universal, still the criticisms of his voice specifically (as opposed to people who simply don’t like the voice actors, period) have been vanishingly rare. Looking at the Twitter stream: while there are indeed tweeps who don’t like Armitage, there have been one to three tweets per day that mention that fact specifically, over against dozens of those who take the time to praise his work particularly.

So the mood has been good. I think for me it has something to do with seeing tweets in his tag that surprise me again. People I don’t know, loving on my crush and recognizing what great work he’s been doing. It has made the tag, which had become stagnant, fun to read again.

I feel really good about this and I hope that if Richard Armitage is noticing it, he’s feeling good about it as well.

~ by Servetus on July 12, 2017.

29 Responses to “Castlevania has been good news for Richard Armitage and me”

  1. Me too! Watching those four episodes has been a bright spot in the last week or so. I really love Trevor – if Richard was truly a last minute recruit then what a great choice the producers made. I also wonder whether an opportunity like castlevania is one reason why he did Audible. To get his “voice” out there, so to speak!

    • I do take him at his word that he is trying to make sure he has a career even if he’s not always as handsome as he is now. He seems like someone who’s very uncomfortable with not working.

  2. I agree. Fun to read about the praise he is receiving. I hope he attracts a whole new fan base from Castlevania. They probably won’t attend one of his plays, but they might want to watch him on tv or in a movie, if they remember his name. 🙂

    • Yeah. Hard to see that crowd at The Crucible or Love, Love, Love — but if he did some actual video game voicing he could develop a real following.

  3. Yes, feeling very good – so much in the news, thanks to Pilgrimage and Castlevania. The latter is actually a big surprise for me. I had not expected to like it as much as I do. And it does wonders for the tag, as you say – it’s great to see people external of the fandom tweeting positive feedback on him.

    • I just watched it all a second time and it really is funny (I wasn’t wrong the first time). And yeah — surprising!

  4. YES! It’s like an injection of happiness and it’s so fun checking the RA tag and the Castlevania tag on Tumblr. 😀

  5. Etwas unerwartet Schönes ist besonders schön 🙂
    Ohne dich hier hätte ich das verpasst. Es liegt vollkommen außerhalb meiner üblichen Interessen. Danke!

  6. Castlevania and its reception has been a welcome and delightful lift for me as an Armitage fan. I’m floored by the attention it’s getting. Who would have thunk it?

    • There are so many people out there. I could easily have posted five times as often as I have.

  7. I’m really anxious to see this (even though, like lots of RA fans, it’s not the sort of thing I would normally watch), but I have my eleven y.o. granddaughter staying with me at the beach. Sadly, she stays up as late as I do. Oh, well… week!!

  8. It seems like Castlevania is a much-loved game franchise, so it’s great that so many reviewers think that RA nailed the character. I hope he’s getting a kick out of the positive reviews.

  9. He really deserves all the praises and it was a very sly gambit from him to enter this business to get a lot of new fans! I absolutely love it (despite my doubts at the beginning, as I am not into computer games at all) and I am quite happy for him. Well done, Mr. Armitage!

  10. And I forgot to mention that I am enthusiastic about him voicing the good guy, finally!

  11. Castlevania is the sort of thing I do like to watch from time to time, (I love Howl’s Moving Castle, for example), I really liked it. I think all of the cast did a really good job. Richard in particular. And loved Graham’s voice as Dracula.

    • For me it’ a little bit the feeling of “finally something I can feel excited about too”. I appreciate his other projects, with varying degree, but I prefer him in fantasy, which is probably where I’m most at home, area of culture speaking. I loved Hannibal too for example. Hobbit always the favourite.
      Finally he gets to play a more snarky character again too.
      Anyway, I like his diversity.

      • I can imagine it’s really gratifying to see him in a project you’d love anyway. (I think a lot of fans are still hoping for that with regard to more period drama).

  12. I agree with you, completely, servetus. I’m so glad to see his work this widely praised! Also, Castlevania gives me another way to connect with my nephew — lol. I continue to believe that Richard is under-appreciated in the US, largely because people don’t really recognize him yet.

  13. I’m loving the love too! 🙂

  14. I would never normally watch something like Castlevania, but knowing that Richard was doing the voice of one of the characters and I have Netflix, so I gave it a go…and yes, I loved him and enjoyed it and will watch more. I guess having good actors can bring anything to life and we know how well Richards voice brings many books to life so why not this? He is deserving of the kudos he is receiving.

    • I loved that it’s so … I dunno. Different. Sarcastic. It’s like, that’s a side of him that you always thought might be there (either in reality or as a performer) and now we get to see a bit of it.

      I would never watch this kind of thing either. Although Netflix wanted to me to watch Being Human after this and I have actually watched a bit of it now …

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