“Richard Armitage was the best damn thing about the delightfully too-short series”

Here. What’s interesting about this comment is that apparently the reviewer can’t stand Richard Armitage: “it has two things in it I personally think are completely overrated: Vampires and Richard Armitage.” Wow.

~ by Servetus on July 14, 2017.

4 Responses to ““Richard Armitage was the best damn thing about the delightfully too-short series””

  1. I don’t understand why so many reviewers sound like such unhappy people. Is that what draws so many of them to become critics in the first place? I guess the fact that the praise was given so begrudgingly may make it higher, but it just feels tainted.


    • I don’t think they’re inherently unhappy. Some may be. I personally have the personality of the critic (in RL I wrote approximately 100 book reviews of academic titles). I think it’s more that critics are interested in various issues in aesthetics (what makes a particular piece work well, or pleasing, or beautiful) and they tend to have intense powers of observation. I do think it’s a different personality than that of the artist.

      I personally don’t usually take rave reviews all that seriously unless they include significant criticism (or unless their rave is justified with a lot of detail and argumentation). I also think we as fans are not really in a position to review Armitage’s work critically.


  2. The paragraph which starts with “Apologies to Richard..” is rather rude. The review consists of 9 paragraph and the writer troubled himself to include the sole paragraph about Armitage’s career. Wow


    • I think she was trying to create a contrast between how much she hasn’t liked his past work and how much she liked this (and half that paragraph is inside jokes which you wouldn’t get unless you were a Tolkienhead — so that’s apparently who she thinks is her audience, and their view of him is much more mixed than many of ours). Whether it works rhetorically is another matter. I tend not to find snark tremendously funny, but she clearly does.


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