Richard Armitage with parasol

New #RichardArmitage pic 😎💣💣

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~ by Servetus on July 17, 2017.

28 Responses to “Richard Armitage with parasol”

  1. Der Haarschnitt ist krass!

    [That haircut is extreme!]

    [it’s hard to translate “crass” into English as it can be positive or negative, but typically means something wild or remarkable.]


    • Da sagst du was. Einen schönen Mann kann ja bekanntlich nichts entstellen, aber die Frisur… grenzwertig.

      [You’re really saying something. Everyone knows you can’t deface a gorgeous man, but the haircut … it’s on the borderline.]


    • lassma den Armen, iss ja Arbeit 🙂

      (I agree, voll krass!)

      [leave the poor guy alone, it’s for work — I intentionally wrote this trying to sound like a teenager or a foreigner, as “krass” is a teen jargon word — so “voll krass” is kind of a rough, slangy way to say “really extreme”]


    • Die Frisur hat er sich von Raybo de Mermaid geklaut. Was das wohl alles zu sagen hat…? Die Ideologen der rechten Szene scheinen wohl Seitenglatze und Vollbart vorzuziehen…
      Ansonsten: Kann man Armitage in diesem Fall als “Schirmherr” bezeichnen?

      [He stole the haircut from Raybo de Mermaid. I wonder what it all means …? The ideologues of the radical right scene seem to prefer the sides shaved close with a full beard …
      Apart from that: can we characterize Armitage in this case as a patron?

      –this is a pun on the German word for umbrella — Schirm. A Schirmherr is a man who holds his protection out over something, hence the usual translation as patron. Could also mean “protector”. — it’s funny b/c Armitage is pictured with an umbrella.]


      • au-a!

        [Ouch! — I was wincing at the pun]


      • Du hast es geschafft im Leben, wenn du einen eigenen Schirmträger vorweisen kannst.

        [You’ve gotten somewhere in life when you can produce / display your own personal umbrella carrier.]


        • Eben. Und da schreibt der Tagesspiegel im gleichen Atemzug, dass bei Berlin Station nur mittelmäßig bekannte Schauspieler dabei sind… Pah!

          [Just so. And then the Tagesspiegel writes in the same breath, that only moderately well known actors are in Berlin Station … Bah!]

          [She’s referring to an article that appeared in a Berlin paper this morning in response to the appearance of Berlin Station on Netflix this month. I didn’t link it here b/c I figured all the German speakers would see it elsewhere, but the article essentially said that Berlin was the only star of the show, that there are a lot of series filming in Berlin these days, that the show had a slightly more varied picture than many of those projects in that it didn’t look only at the beautiful, well known sites, and that probably Berliners didn’t notice it because the people in Berlin Station aren’t especially familiar.]


  2. This is the first time when I think that he’s very very slender 😳 Lost weight for the role again. Hope it’s not bad for the health.
    In the pics posted earlier he didn’t seem so thin to me, though


    • maybe it’s the clothes, or the angle of the picture? I’m sure he’s got it all figured out but boy, this seems thin.


      • Das Tragen der fiesen Frisur hat ihm sicher den Appetit verschlagen 😬

        [Wearing this miserable haircut has certainly killed his appetite]

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        • Dieser Schreck jeden Morgen, wenn er sich im Spiegel sieht! Zum Fürchten.

          [The horror every morning when he sees himself in the mirror! Something to be feared.]


  3. More than once he has described himself as “a bean pole” and I didn’t think he was. Might have to agree when he looks like this. I like him heavier than this – if he really is as thin as he looks! 😦

    May I just say, this is one of the many times that I wish I could read German! 😉


  4. I’ll translate the German comments into English but I’m not sure it will all make sense. Come back in a while.

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  5. OK, I think I got them all.

    [and please, German speakers and others, do not hesitate to continue using your native languages here. We can always translate back if necessary.]

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  6. WOW!! Thanks for the translations Serv! You are a star! Please don’t feel you have to do this all the time even though this was great. That would be way too much work!


  7. Thanks a lot! Yeah, puns and slang don’t translate well thru Google! Much appreciated.


  8. the boots! I loves them ❤

    I was not taken aback by his weight, he seems fit and trim to me. that haircut though, there must be a reason (I hope!)


  9. Very impressive shape. If he were a stranger, I would not like to meet him at night in the dark, frightening.


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