For one of our friends

We have a fan friend who’s suffering along with her family tonight. She’s a Christian. She needs those of us who are moved to pray for a miracle, and simultaneously, for the peace which passes all understanding.

~ by Servetus on July 18, 2017.

10 Responses to “For one of our friends”

  1. I’m sorry. Prayers.


  2. I am adding my prayers to all of those going out to this person and her family.


  3. Toutes mes pensées vont vers elle et ses proches.


  4. Thanks to you all for your support.


  5. I too pray for this friend and her family. It has upheld me through difficult times in the past and I pray it will do the same for them.

    Abide with Me was my late Mom’s favourite hymn. tears


    • You probably already know that the author of the text was Scottish.

      I know G-d is with them, but sometimes I need the reminder. My mom loved this one, too.


  6. Praying both of these things for this friend.


  7. Praying for your friend.


  8. I will include this person in my prayers. I’m visiting a lot of churches and cathedrals on a trip right now, and I have one very ill young woman back home who I pray for each time I enter a new church. I usually try to light a candle too. I will include our fan friend on my prayer list.


  9. Thank you all for your support. The situation seems to be slightly improved today. I’m praying for the miracle.


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