I wonder if they even saw the movie

Unless, of course, you think Raymond de Merville was lying about what he said about why he did what he did. Greed wasn’t his motivation. FFS.

Also, you think they’d like, actually make the name of the film visible.

~ by Servetus on July 18, 2017.

12 Responses to “I wonder if they even saw the movie”

  1. Based on a lot of book cover synopses I’ve read, I think the marketing people often don’t know the stories!


  2. I still haven’t seen the film (weather too good) but what slightly threw me about the poster was the large lettering for “The Crusader”. First of all it looked like the film title, and secondly (without having seen the film and still only based on what I read about it), the fact that he was on a Crusade is only secondary to the plot? Or what would you say?


    • yeah. He’s beautiful but I would say the graphic is at odds with advertising either for the film or representing what the film is about.

      re: Crusade — it’s strongly in the background for multiple characters, but it’s not really present in the events of the film (if that makes sense). I’ll say less rather than more to avoid spoiling you. I wouldn’t have described him primarily as a Crusader, though, just from seeing the film.


      • That’s exactly the impression I got. Maybe the adage “The Norman” would have been more descriptive of his role?


        • It would have been. Maybe they didn’t know that word, or thought it would be too obscure? But they could have picked “knight” or “soldier” ….

          but the poster for Bernthal’s character is equally obfuscating. One might almost call it directly contradictory to the plot.


  3. He wasn’t even on a crusade during the film, that was in his past and where he encountered the mute… What is this poster (?) for, anyway? Bizarre.


  4. Nope, they never saw it.


  5. Not thinking of it in relationship to the movie I must say he does give good poster. The Crucible being the top of the list.


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