Richard Armitage “sells every moment of his redemptive arc”

Richard Armitage lends Trevor a dry wit, but also flashes of his snatched nobility; Trevor’s characterisation is one of the show’s best elements, and Armitage sells every moment of his redemptive arc. It’s a great character who runs the emotional gamut from drunken bravado to snarky disinterest to good, old-fashioned, stern heroism. Bit of anger and frustration here, bit of wise-cracking and hopefulness there, and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a character worth following around.

Less a mouthful than a morsel. Also discusses anti-Christian themes.

Wants more violence in season 2.

It is not long after that the audience is introduced to the main protagonist, Trevor Belmont voiced excellently by Richard Armitage.

The most interesting thing it does is showcase something rarely seen in the games; the effects felt by the towns and their people when Castlevania appears. You see them trying to get on with their lives, losing their friends and family and looking for anyone or anything to blame. A lot of time is spent showing the cost felt by everyone who isn’t a cool vampire hunter, and it works well.

Comments on the fight sequences.

Overall, Castlevania Season One is good, but good is about it.

Why “Castlevina” works while many other adaptations failed is because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Ellis’s irreverence ensures that the carnage (bloody indeed) is balanced with wit. Ellis’s influence makes even the most tried-and-true horror tropes — which are summoned forth here — appear original, even daring.

The voice cast is very strong across the board. Especially Richard Armitage (The Hobbit Trilogy, Hannibal TV Series) as Trevor Belmont. I really liked Belmont as the hero in this story. He has a dry sense of humor that makes him surprisingly funny at times. He’s a great protagonist because not only because of his roguish charm and aristocratic humor, he’s also a person who struggles with morality.

The voice cast is great, with Richard Armitage killing it as Trevor.

Richard Armitage who voice Trevor did an okay job but in one of the more emotional scenes it was very hard to tell if he was trying to be emotional as for me it just seemed like he didn’t care, it did put a bit of a bad taste in my mind about this scene as it is a pretty big one and I expected a lot more.

Trevor Belmont is insufferable as a character, painted as an unsociable, uncaring, bitter twenty-something reluctantly thrown into a bad situation. The degree to which the writers want him to appear edgy is painful at best, and nothing can pull you out of an emotionally heavy scene faster than Trevor turning his back on someone and grunting, “I don’t care.”

~ by Servetus on July 18, 2017.

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