Front-runner for live action Castlevania was Channing Tatum #richardarmitage

That’s interesting. [coughs]. And would have guaranteed that I didn’t watch it. One of the things that annoys me about Netflix (just resubscribed last month for Castlevania) is that there’s no button to press to prevent it from suggesting movies with all the male movie stars who either bore me or whom I can’t stand in more than small doses: Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, Chris Pine, Chris Evans … the list goes on and on. I want a “no Tom Cruise” button but I have to thumb down every single one of his films anyway.

But Adi, news flash: Netflix IS … a corporation. Just sayin’. You’re nuts if you think the Internet fundamentally changed how corporations control our consumption of culture in a positive way. I’ve felt my choices regularly contracting in the last twenty years (see list above of people I just don’t care to see on film. Adam Sandler is a good example of this. His deal with Netflix more or less guarantees he’ll be shoved in my face for the rest of my natural life).



~ by Servetus on July 20, 2017.

25 Responses to “Front-runner for live action Castlevania was Channing Tatum #richardarmitage”

  1. lmao….I like your list!
    I have to admit, Channing makes me laugh like I’m in on the joke. Nudge, Nudge, wink…. shirts off boys.

    • I saw him in The Eagle. He was okay. Just … I dunno. I don’t want to pay money to see him.

      • I’ll pay 12 a month to watch him 😉

        • 🙂

        • I think what I’m reacting to here is the idea that Netflix (in Shankar’s opinion) is going to offer us something different than mainstream cinema offers us. I suspect that right now, the fact that you can watch Tom Cruise to your heart’s content on Netflix actually pays for Castlevania. I could be wrong. I just think he’s willfully ignoring certain parameters. How many people have to sign up to watch Castlevania in order to pay for its production? How many people who are already subscribed have to watch it in addition?

          • All good questions! This is my thought with Netflix and Amazon et al…YAHOO no commercials!! And it’s hit and miss with what I’ve seen so far

  2. None of those guys do anything for me. I wouldn’t watch an Adam Sandler film if they paid me.

    • Chris Pine if he’s in a Star Trek movie because I have no choice, otherwise, no.

      Which I think demonstrates that Netflix carts a great deal of what Shankar rejects into its own business model. When I was setting up preferences, most of what it occurred to me to query about was only available on disc anyway.

  3. I actually have a list of actors that I will refuse to watch. Tom cruise and Mel Gibson are at the top

    • Yeah, Gibson is a huge “no” also. Nicholas Cage …

      • Agree on Nicholas cage. Also Hugh grant and Russell crowe.

      • I agree on Nicholas Cage too, with one exception. ‘The Family Man’ (also starring Tea Leone) is one of my favourite Christmas movies.

        • we’re allowed to have exceptions. Like I’ll watch Mel Gibson in Gallipoli.

          • Funny how different everyones “tastes” are even though we obviously all have at least some common ground 😉 I totally agree about Nicolas Cage – his acting usually makes me cringe with one exception: I think he’s perfect for his role in “Lord of War” which for me is a great movie in many perspectives. But I love Russel Crowe. I guess he’s maybe not as versatile in his acting as for example Richard Armitage in a way that you always see Crowe “through” the character but he choses roles that fit his style and this works out amazingly well for me…totally loved “Master and Commander” for example. Also Crowe sometimes brings the same stupid grin to my face as does Richard Armitage – whatever that is saying about me… 😉

            • Hey, you’re allowed to like these guys — millions of people obviously do. The last two things I’ve seen Crowe in didn’t excite me — A Beautiful Mind and Robin Hood — and most of the projects he’s done wouldn’t interest me that much even if someone else were in them. But Master and Commander is a beloved film.

  4. Magic Mike as Trevor Belmont? Hard to imagine!

    • Yeah. Hard to know who that casting would be “for,” so to speak. Like is that the guy that the nerd culture wants as Trevor Belmont?

      • Not likely! They probably figured he would attract the women… likely they’d be wrong on that for this role too!

        • I think he’s on some women’s lists. Although I don’t see this film as a huge draw for women, period. Unless they cast someone really amazing as Dracula. Not sure who that would be, though.

  5. I just looked at this list of top bankable actors from 2016:

    Interesting to me — there are a few I don’t recognize (they are Bollywood or Chinese box office draws), but of the ones I do, none of them are a reason for me to see a film (with the possible exception of Harrison Ford) and in fact there are only three or four of them that are not a turnoff.

  6. LOL! I very much agree on your list there… 😊 I can sort of tolerate seeing them, but yes, only in very small doses. (The actors I absolutely can not even bear looking at are Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Steven Segal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and James Woods but luckily they’re not around everywhere)

    • James Woods — his Twitter is one solid Trump stream. Uch. He was really scary as Byron de la Beckwith in Ghosts of Mississippi and I thought it was just a role — but he seems similarly thin skinned in real life.

      • Yeah, he always felt creepy to me, maybe because of that role. I noticed not too long ago how pro-Trump he is and that has solidified my dislike even more.

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