That was fast!


~ by Servetus on July 24, 2017.

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  1. I think that’s an advantage of these companies doing their own shows, they can react to customer feedback and strike while the iron is hot.


    • I’m in favor of that (also, presumably scheduling for anime voiceover would be less complicated?). I would love to watch (say) an episode of this per week. I suppose eventually they will kill the character, though.

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      • Yes, that too, I’d think.
        I just finished watching Ozark on Netflix and really enjoyed it. I wonder if it’s easier for actors who want to produce and direct to get their stories made on Netflix and Amazon, et al? It seems to work more simply than the Hollywood mega-machine.


        • My impression is the decision-making process is much less complicated. (I don’t know much about it.) But it seems from the press that decisions get made more quickly. I suppose because they are not thinking about advertising? They only have to understand their audience, not seventy extraneous factors including what night of week / what time to put on to reach them, etc.

          re: Ozark — so every time I have clicked on anything during my month’s free trial (admittedly not that often), it has shown me a preview. I like Laura Linney. But the preview speaks to me not at all. And I used to live within 20 mi of the Ozarks, on the edge of the edge … What did you like about it?

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          • It wasn’t what I expected and I thought the casting was excellent. I didn’t know much about Lake of the Ozarks and I’m not a mob style film fan, but this is about a family in crisis, throw in some terrifying hillbillys and an FBI man unlike anything I’ve ever seen….it kept me hooked. I should also admit I’m a big fan of Bateman’s deadpan line delivery…I love watching the wheels turn in his head. The other thing I love about these series in a flash shows is I can start watching the pilot and if it doesn’t resonate with me, that’s cool…there’s twenty other series to try on for size.


            • I figured something out this weekend (maybe because I’d watched some Netflix during the previous week) — I was reading a book and thought to myself, this is really good, I need to slow down and make it last. That almost never happens to me with TV. I usually wish it would go by faster! (obviously a personal problem). I’ll maybe watch the first of it, if you think it’s good.

              The other two things I’ve watched pieces of so far are “Being Human” (I find myself fastforwarding through every scene Aidan Turner is not in) and “The Keepers” (have seen three episodes, feel like I don’t need to see any more.

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              • That’s how I watch Being Human as well, lol, ahhh Mitchell!
                Allen and I started watching The Keepers and got about that far and haven’t watched anymore of it either.
                I really did like Ozark.
                Some of my favorites on Netflix are The Fundamentals of Caring, Black Mirror, House of Cards, Marco Polo, All we Had, Chef’s Table, The Killing (american version), River, Longmire…I might have had too much time on my hands this summer.


      • I don’t want to give spoilers but if you follow the games, (there are several ) they tell a chronological story of generatios of Belmonts. Trevor is not the last.


        • Hopefully they will extend Trevor’s storyline beyond season 2 — but I can understand if they don’t. They really have to consider fan service for a product like this.


  2. Is there a date for Season 2? I heard it was a year from now, but this sounds sooner.


  3. Does someone know if this means filming on Berlin Station wrapped or if they are merely on hiatus? One of Servetus’ reviews/interviews said he did the first 4 episodes of Castlevania in one grueling day. Wonder how long this could take? Hmmm. Austin, TX, has great music in the summer….


    • I don’t know, but I suspect he’s not in Austin. Most of the other sound recording was done in North Hollywood at a place called “Salami Studios.” He may have done it in Austin just because the director was there, the first time, but this kind of thing could be done anywhere including Berlin.

      Berlin Station has not wrapped; a German – Turkish actress just instagrammed herself on the set today. But the actors have definitely been elsewhere than in Berlin. Like I saw Ashley Judd was in Louisville, I think, for the U2 concert.


  4. Adams Deats tweeted to Richard:
    Seems like it will be/ was another grueling session😳
    Checked “walla” in Urban dictionary..Hmm. It is used in relation to extra voicing actors.


  5. //
    Well, maybe he is in Austin (that’s where Powerhouse animation is).


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