A little more poster #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on July 25, 2017.

13 Responses to “A little more poster #richardarmitage”

  1. Its too bad they shoved Michele Forbes behind Ashley Judd. I thought Valerie was the heart of the show last season.


    • probably going for visual / star recognition. But I know what you mean. (I also don’t get how Steven Frost is apparently still in this show …)


  2. even in poster, those eyes are just divine sigh


  3. I haven’t heard anything from Olen Steinhauer this season. This gives me hope that there might be some improvement story wise. He never impressed me and the story was a disappointment last season. On another point once again we have nice RA poster.


    • Good point — normally we’d have expected Steinhauer at this event.

      I felt like from his novels like his writing was always bang, bang, bang, plot twist and a lot of Berlin Station felt like that, too. I never identified with any of his characers, but it was kind of strange that so many people felt Berlin Station was slow (I didn’t, but if it was, then that was a weird contradiction of Steinhauer’s usual storytelling style). Anyway, that’s kind of incoherent, but I agree, the story was disappointment, so maybe they have suppressed him a bit.


      • I think the story felt ‘slow’ to me because I feel a lot happened, a lot, but I kept wondering when it would make sense and wondering when I would even care….of course, the Daniel/Esther wall scene piqued my interest and things picked up the last two episodes when they had to wrap it up and tie it all together somewhat. But I still had no real affection or insight into any of the characters. I’m guessing season 2 is going to be a lot better. I’m hoping so anyways. And RA looks real fine in that poster. He certainly does know how to work the camera.


  4. I do love that beard!


  5. Very good poster. and yes the camera loves RA and he does know how to work it. I believe he has all his looks down pat, part of his technique and training. I think they are so apart of him he knows just how to bring the look he wants when he wants it. He is just so in tune with his body and self as an actor and that is what makes him amazing.


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