A little more Richard Armitage / Trevor Belmont love

From bloggers:

Trevor Belmont, though, steals the scene. Something about his voice actor just clicks. He’s world-weary and sarcastic with a hidden heart of gold, and I know that none of that is particularly new, but the verve with which Trevor is presented makes we want to go write fanfiction about him RIGHT NOW. The way he commands the townspeople into gathering holy water and sprinkling their weapons with salt (as this is the only way to kill demons, of course) simply radiates badassery.

Trevor is so sweet. He’s like the epitome of what a teenage boy would come up with if they were asked to describe the RADDEST dude. He’s disaffected, drinks all the time, and swears a bunch. He also carries around a baller-ass whip that he calls a “Vampire Killer” and hits things with. There is this one scene where he comes across a couple of asshole priests harassing a town elder (classic priest move imo), and he takes the whip and nails one of them in the face and knocks his eyeball out. It’s so dope. And Trevor doesn’t care. Just another day at the office for my man, Belmont.By the way, when I say Belmont is the epitome of what a teenage boy thinks is cool, that isn’t meant as an insult. It’s totally meant as a compliment. I would have loved this show when I was 13 years old.

~ by Servetus on August 2, 2017.

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