Adi Shankar and fandom

New interview with Shankar, which answers (somewhat unconvincingly) the questions I put back here. Interesting read in any case.

~ by Servetus on August 8, 2017.

2 Responses to “Adi Shankar and fandom”

  1. as someone who has so brazenly worked outside the system, using licensed characters without permission & stealing corporate IP addresses to do it, I find it laughable how he tries to convince himself that working within the system now with Castlevania is not selling out. what about the merchandise I’ve seen floating around? does he deem it acceptable b/c it ‘tells a story’? sorry, but the more I hear/read him talk, the more I dislike him.


    • I agree; I thought it was bizarre to make statements like that at Comic-Con of all places, which is among other things a huge celebration and fair for corporate intellectual property. (I also find the looking down one’s nose at fans who enjoy the merchandising aspect of it self-contradictory. But I’ve had to take my own hard look at my relationship with the merchandise for a lot of Armitage’s projects.) I can’t imagine there won’t be licensed Castlevania anime mdse at some point, probably within the year. How this stuff gets paid for is sales.

      There’s also a real purity discourse there. It’s weird because he doesn’t seem to be like that on his FB; he seems (although maybe I lack the context to judge) very thrilled about all kinds of games. But these interviews make clear just what he thinks acceptable and what is not.


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