Richard Armitage reappears on FB

And yeah, in case you’re confused, this isn’t one of Raymond de Merville’s lines. Honestly, the messaging on the posters for this film distract beyond measure. At least he’s pretty.

~ by Servetus on August 8, 2017.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage reappears on FB”

  1. “At least he’s pretty”. Pretty ragged 😀


  2. Yes and yes. At least they’re doing some publicity…


  3. Hold on, I also saw another one with a quote about loyalty…


    • yeah, Perry posted that one, and it is at least his line. But there’s yet another one (which I didn’t post here, saw it a day or two ago) in which they give him one of Stanley Weber’s lines, as well.


      • Oh, damn, that’s already a week old… sorry, I didn’t realise…


        • No worries. I’ve been trying to ignore this publicity but every now and then I let a piece creep through …

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          • The publicity is a wee bit off. Why would the producers green light those posters? Not exactly quality control IMO


            • One thing I’ve noticed in watching the aura around this film is that everyone who talks about it has a different idea of what it is. I think this isn’t very conducive to successful marketing — which doesn’t necessarily have to have only one message, but nonetheless should still have a sort of a coherent center.


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