RLJ Entertainment’s complete list of Pilgrimage openings Friday #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on August 9, 2017.

12 Responses to “RLJ Entertainment’s complete list of Pilgrimage openings Friday #richardarmitage”

  1. Is it only US dates listed? (One of these days I’ll actually have to get Facebook so I can see these things!)


    • The Canadian distributor is Search Engine Films; their Films webpage states Pilgrimage will be available on iTunes on September 25th. The movie will probably not be shown in the Cineplex cinemas.


      • Hmm. That’s interesting. When I had last looked, that wasn’t there. September 25th is a long time away! Still hoping we might get a few showings somewhere.


  2. It is not showing very many places (and nowhere near me). I guess this is a limited release?


    • I think so. One cinema in my state, I think two in Florida, one in Texas, and it’s El Paso or Brownsville or something.


  3. And they got pics and names of Richard and Tom mixed up. I wrote them, hopefully they will fix it. sigh


  4. Still can’t figure out if it’s going to play in Canada anywhere. It seems like it’s not, even though the Aug 11 release date says both countries.


  5. Someone gave me this link to check for Canada: http://movies.canada.com/movie.aspx?movie_id=248634.00000


    • I saw that too and tried it. It gives a list of cinemas, but none of them are actually showing it.


      • RLJ Entertainment really needs to get its marketing / publicity act together — the one Wisconsin city it’s listed as playing (where it ISN’T playing) is a 100 mi drive from the city where it IS playing.

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