This is what GoT got us

“Any movie set in the Middle Ages worth its salt will be graphic and gory […]”. Feel free to fuck. directly. off. Thanks!

Another review of Pilgrimage.

~ by Servetus on August 10, 2017.

14 Responses to “This is what GoT got us”

  1. Ugh. No. D:<


  2. Ladyhawke!


  3. I’m finding it quite difficult to bring myself to watch Pilgrimage. Knowing of the violence and gore to come fills me with a sense of dread and I hate anticipating a movie with that feeling instead of looking forward to it.


  4. This movie sounds quite brutal and I think it is one reason I have been holding off on buying the CD. I can handle to a certain extent,I guess I figure we have enough violence going on and I am not sure I want to fill my mind with more ugly visuals. One of the reasons I stayed mostly away from the Red Dragon. Servetus did so love Lion in Winter and Becket two of my favorite movies.


    • They are such good films. Totally worth their salt. But i imagine the critic in this case hasn’t seen much medieval film. Along with A Man for All Seasons probably my three favorite films in the “technicolor films about English history” category.

      I could go see it in a theater — only 100 mi away — but I’m hesitating. I’d love to see his face on the big screen again. I suppose I have the advantage that I know when the film will be violent.


  5. Let’s not forget Monty Python’s Holy Grail 🎥 Violence, gore, crude language. The line, “I fart in your general direction” still makes me shudder. Grateful I did not live during those times. Overall, it holds up tho. 🌞


    • This movie is nothing like that one, though. Braveheart would be the more obvious parallel. As a satire, Monty Python and the Holy Grail also bears mostly a superficial resemblance, if that, to the actual Middle Ages.

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      • I know, but I cannot help comparing everything I can to either Monty Python, The Simpsons and whenever possible Robin Hood. I an immature juvenile and have no excuse. 😊


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