THR likes Bernthal

Review of Pilgrimage, here.

Here’s another oneMad Max. I can see that.

~ by Servetus on August 10, 2017.

6 Responses to “THR likes Bernthal”

  1. THR doesn’t like it, and they rarely mention Richard in any of their articles so I am not surprised here.


    • Most of the reviews are not mentioning him. Bernthal is getting the most mentions, but really most of the reviews don’t comment on anyone’s performances.


  2. THR is not really selling it to me… keep looking at the DVD and ducking it… i keep wondering how to conjure up the mood for all the violence in it.. sigh.


    • I don’t feel like any of the reviews coming out now are very enthusiastic. I was a bit surprised to see reviews in the NY and LA Times, but I’m guessing they feel like they need to cover it b/c of Holland and Bernthal and maybe Muldowney, and if they are going to cover it they aren’t going to savage it because it isn’t artistically serious enough to merit a savaging. All of this is hypothesis of course.

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      • Thanks for gathering all, now that i finally sat down and saw it i will be reading more. Interesting but sadly falls somewhat short of possible initial expectations. Left me with a deep feeling of life not worth living and i somehow don’t think that captures the feel of the time but rather a very contemporary view of the times which saddened me deeply. I remember visiting ruins and artefacts from these times across the water in Scotland 2 years ago and i left with a sense of deep purpose and richness of life although with endless mysteries in terms of our understanding of ‘ways of life’ in those times. I didn’t actually feel at all that this gave any real insight into the times and especially people of that age other than the mechanics of violence. Probably not my cup of tea, nevertheless recognizing very committed portrayals.


        • I agree — I’ve written quite a bit lately about how our views of these things don’t really square with the evidence about how these people saw themselves. I don’t think the violence in this film is particularly accurate, but even so, there was much more to medieval life than violence.

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