Who wants to see Richard Armitage’s sixth grade film?

I wonder if there’s still a copy in his mom’s archives. New interview.

~ by Servetus on August 10, 2017.

12 Responses to “Who wants to see Richard Armitage’s sixth grade film?”

  1. I think it’s funny that his French might be useful to order a fancy meal and then threaten torture if it’s not good! Fluency is often only there for the context you learned it in. For example, I am able to say “I have a pencil” or “I am a small schoolgirl” quite fluently in German, but it really wouldn’t help me in my current life!


    • I have totally mastered restaurant French myself! It’s the only part of the language that really made me feeling like I could not go without pseaking 🙂

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  2. I get the feeling that he wrote and submitted his answers to the questions.


  3. Absolutely


  4. I really wonder why he’s not mentioning “Berlin Station” at all as an upcoming project!


  5. I find it interesting that he says he prefers to stay in character on set, even if that means being a bit of a “Nobby Nomates”, isolating himself from the rest of the “lads” for the sake of his part. I recall he tended to remain in character on set whilst filming on the Hobbit.
    I understand that some actors can switch in and out of character with ease on set (Ian McKellen springs to mind, and Jennifer Lawrence apparently). I wonder whether that could be personality driven?


    • Interesting question, no? I read that and thought, I’m sure that’s good for your acting but I bet it also saves you a lot of personal energy as well.

      Seen in that light, I wonder how he feels about Germany — where there isn’t really an established tradition of small talk.


  6. Thinking about his fellow actors got me wondering who his friends were, I guess Rhys, he knows Anna Friel well. Michelle Forbes has shared some off set experiences but for the length of the shoot it been damn quiet.


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