WOW. New Thorin bling.


~ by Servetus on August 10, 2017.

30 Responses to “WOW. New Thorin bling.”

  1. Yikes! $449! Cool-looking, though.

  2. Nice! The faces are really well done,

  3. This is so so beautiful!!! If i had the funds i’d be infinitely tempted!

  4. And the price would be around 500 euros I guess, since taxes and shipping are not included. I would buy it definitely I had money. It’s beautifully done.

    • missing if

      • Seeing Veloce’s post on Twitter – price is $449, plus $85 shipping and cca $100 taxes. – she pre-ordered it.

        • $100 taxes ??

          • I should have wrote customs, not taxes. Full quote: ”FYI, the price of this statue is $449.00 and the shipping cost to my country is $84.06. Plus, I have to pay customs on it approximately $100”

            • ok. Yeah, b/c I don’t think I’ve ever paid that much tax on something from NZ. One kind of hopes the TPP covers this kind of thing for her in future (not for us, sadly).

              • I am curious how much would it be for my country (I will go now to see it). A month ago I have pre-ordered book from Weta (also limited) ”Middle-earth: From script to screen”. Its price was, without VAT and shipping, €67.14. Perfectly ok. And then at checkout you see standard post (for Croatia) €30.00, VAT: €16.20. – In total almost €115,00. Almost double the price of the book. I pondered instead to order other books I have started collecting from Hobit (those Art of war and design books). And then someone said that standard post for Germany was only €10.00. So i talked to one of my German friends and she said I can pre-orederd it so it would come to her address and she will then send me the book free of shipping charge (tto early birthday present 😀 ). So, in the end book cost me (well, still they did not charge the full amount, they will do so when book is shipped in October, just deposit to make sure of the pre-order of €6.00 – non refundable) €90.20 (and I used previously accumulated weta dollard of over 3 euros). The book weights 3.62 kg.

                p.s. in previous post should be ”written” not ”wrote”. sigh

  5. WANT.

  6. Ode to Thorin’s Bling

    You are so majestic my handsome king,
    Sporting tons of dwarfish bling.
    Your face so broodingly handsome,
    Is certainly worth a kingly ransom,
    But damn, it definitely sucks,
    To own you costs some mighty big bucks.

    Kathy Jones

  7. Definitely looks like a lovely piece of art, but since I do not have a place to display collectables in my apt, and with the price, I just have to pass! I would prefer the real “Thorin” to stare at 🙂

  8. Beautiful, but sadly out of my price range! 😦

  9. I wonder if RA gets to have a freebie one since he is the model

  10. I’d really like to own this but I’m not entirely clear on what part of my budget I’d sacrifice in order to do so …

  11. Monthly wage in my count😎

  12. A bit pricey but very cool!

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