Here’s another review

Richard Armitage posted this one.

The review is correct that the film is neither flesh nor fish nor good red herring. But if what you take away from this film is that religion in the middle ages has anything to do with contemporary fundamentalism, you are really clueless about about the middle ages and modernity. A key thing to be aware of: the Christian G-d in the middle ages has the same label as the Christian G-d of the fundamentalists but that is about the only similarity.

Here’s another review that I’ll just stick in here.


~ by Servetus on August 11, 2017.

2 Responses to “Here’s another review”

  1. Richard posted this? I’m interested to know if you have an opinion on why his tweets changed. Sorry if you discussed this already. For a period of time it almost felt slightly personal. He would posy where he was and give glimpses into what he was doing. Now it appears to be just reviews and news from the press of his work.


    • yeah, he either posted or retweeted.

      I don’t have enough data to know why his tweets have changed, although I suspect strongly that he never really wanted to be available on social media to his fans. I think the consensus in the fandom is that he didn’t like the responses he got to some of the more controversial things he tweeted and so he has retreated.


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