Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: Pilgrimage edition (3)

Richard Armitage as Raymond de Merville in Pilgrimage.

~ by Servetus on August 18, 2017.

10 Responses to “Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: Pilgrimage edition (3)”

  1. Oh, yes indeed!!!!


  2. I think that perhaps the scene was shoot in winter (no leaves) in Connemara( trees with tortuous trunks, not lot of vegetation) in a place like Erriff river?


  3. I came across a film of 2h25mns even more violent than “Pilgrimage” (1h36mns only).
    There is only a succession of scenes of terror or horrors from beginning to end. It is a sort of western in the nineteenth century where religion is a pretext to denounce here abuses made to women.
    This is “Brimstone”, a film by the filmmaker Martin Koolhoven, which is forbidden to the under 16 years old. Guy Pearce plays a preacher totally psychopathic.
    To explain Martin Koolhoven says: “I think that religion does not have a very positive impact in today’s world, and I think it is felt in the film. But I find it too simple to say that Film violently attacks religion because in many scenes, religion is absent and women are treated in a terrifying way. What the film nevertheless expresses is how easy it is to justify its actions (often misogynistic ) through religious texts The preacher is a character who confuses his own needs with those of God. ”
    It would be necessary to flee so much VIOLENCE, but this film is captivating. If we can endure the extreme scenes, the film has a real cinematic value unlike Pilgrimage.
    I’m frightened at the thought of discovering the movie in project on Bridget Cleary!


    • I just started reading the synopsis of the film on wikipedia — and stopped after the first two “chapters” — I don’t think I could watch it, although I see it’s gotten great reviews in Europe.


      • This film could never have been released in Hollywood.
        Brimstone’s violence is above all psychological. Leaving the spectator to imagine the worst abuse.
        Here, Martin Koolhoven has the ingeniousness to let a mystery veil hang over his head and reveal his information in a drool. Which leaves the opportunity for the plot to surprise the viewer relatively often, so that it becomes really a great thriller.


        • Yeah, that would be a really different strategy than this film.

          One of the “classic movie channels” has been running noir films here recently — and I find that they are really chilling even if they are not usually explicitly violent.


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