I don’t have to guess

I already know which is my favorite. Or what?


~ by Servetus on August 22, 2017.

12 Responses to “I don’t have to guess”

  1. Sadly not on twitter but I’d be hard-pressed to choose just one. How he manages to voice so many different characters just takes my breath away. I always seem to forget it is Richard doing all of them.


  2. I also thought David Copperfield for his fave. Mine would be the Love Poems, nice and short. 😉


    • LOL — I don’t think that’s why most people would pick them 🙂


      • 😁 I guess what I also liked was him not using different voices in the poems. That’s one thing I don’t like about audiobooks, all the differing character voices.


        • that’s really interesting — that’s what most people love about the audiobooks! But for it can be a real distraction, especially if the plot doesn’t interest me (as is the case with a lot of his audiobooks). When I read, I definitely don’t hear all those different voices in my head.


          • The different voices and accents are a big part of what I love about the audio books. I have downloaded some books where the narrator’s voice barely changes and that can really be off-putting.


            • I think yours is the majority viewpoint, T.


              • If the voices aren’t different how are our imaginations to be stimulated? At least that is how it works for me. How the voices sound helps me to picture the characters. I think Richard has an amazing talent for voice work and I hope he performs a whole lot more in the future.


                • Silent reading is something that emerged during the Renaissance — before that people read out loud (albeit to themselves), and apparently in consequence there’s a division between people who hear the text in their heads when they read silently and those who do not — I’m the latter groups, I’ve never heard the characters’ voices. I think that’s part of my relative lack of interest in audiobooks. Sometimes (Venetia, Sylvester) his voices are an entertainment factor for me, but I wouldn’t say that they stimulate my imagination. The book I like best (Lords of the North) has probably the least variation between voices. Just a different experience, I guess.


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