Such a busy life!

Interview today with Yael Farber in On Stage, in which she states her next project is at the Gate Theatre in Dublin. Her current play, Knives in Hens, runs till October 7 in London (and is getting better reviews than did Salomé). I wonder what she’s directing in Dublin, as the Gate Theatre’s next season is already published with directors for all the listed productions. Huh.

~ by Servetus on August 24, 2017.

9 Responses to “Such a busy life!”

  1. grr, i’ve read my share of On Stage this month and no more access unless i pay, which i won’t! But interesting… maybe it is for further long their season, like next summer or so? I would be difficult to squeeze anything else in outside London, if she is indeed to do the 2nd project with the same theatre company in London between Oct and spring… too bad theatre announcements rarely come earlier than 6 months in advance at the very most..


    • Yeah — the pay after four articles thing is a new policy, isn’t it? I ran afoul of it too trying to read stuff about Salomé earlier this year.

      The article says “next job,” but then also lists Oedipus to Antigone w/Marianne Elliott as something separate.


  2. I am wondering whether she is doing something in conjunction with the upcoming Dublin Theatre Festival? Otherwise, as you said, the new season plays have already been announced and she is not listed as a director… Strange… Unless Dublin, OH, also has a Gate Theatre… 😂


  3. Just came back from YF’s Knives in Hens at the Donmar. I think I need a break from her productions. Again incense, again. Dry earthy, dark (literally and method) and somewhat difficult to digest at times. She has a trademark way of staging plays that by now I come to find a wee bit repetitive. Very good performances from the three actors.


  4. […] It stars a woman (Ruth Negga) as Hamlet. This is the project she referred to back here (last fall) as her next project, in tandem with Oedipus to […]


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