I really wish I could pin down what he actually wants to say about history #richardarmitage

New interview here.

~ by Servetus on August 31, 2017.

7 Responses to “I really wish I could pin down what he actually wants to say about history #richardarmitage”

  1. Did he really correctly look at the Plantagenet dynasty history? Black age period after the fall of Rome was confusion and hell.
    Psychotic, how can he said that? Psychological and behavior problems to solve , why not?


  2. I wonder – is it really him giving ‘live’ interviews or is it more like emailing questions for his publicist to answer and he just okays them?


    • My understanding is that the interviewee doesn’t have the right to okay an interview. This one sounded like a phone call (that is a pretty frequent mode), although occasionally they are written responses to questions.


      • I meant that he okays his publicist’s responses not the interview itself, although I have seen that happen in my previous workplace too. I just wondered if it is really him answering these interviews especially when it’s not a major publication. In my previous company the comms person would answer the questions in writing, give them to the CEO for approval and then the journalist would receive the interview returned by email. Even filmed ‘live’ interviews were usually prepared like that. We’d know the questions before and brief the boss on the answers accordingly.

        Although it may be different for RA. I thought it’s weird for him to give so many interviews during shooting in Berlin, but again, I could be wrong and/or my perception is slightly screwed 🤷‍♀️😉


        • I think if a paid professional were answering these questions (as opposed to Armitage himself), the answers would be more coherent. They would have talking points and stick to them.

          However, most of his interviews are phone calls if the interview text is reliable; they often state this (Get Reel Movies did, for instance). Sometimes they put what he says into coherent sentences and sometimes they just transcribe it.

          It may also depend on the venue — a lot of the places that got Pilgrimage interviews are marginal websites. I totally can believe that the Hobbit interviews were approved (even the filmed ones), but I don’t think that Pilgrimage or its distributors had the money for that kind of vetting. What’s unusual to me, though, is that such a minor film would get this much attention. But we saw a variation of this with Into the Storm; it seems like they wanted bigger attention and didn’t get it so they went to blanketing smaller venues.


  3. He said: “One of the challenges I was interested in playing someone who finds himself in a strange land and so I was interested in the French language he speaks first.I almost chock full of playing people who have dark thoughts. I played the Red Dragon in Hannibal, the darkest character I ever played. Literally I went to Pilgrimage right after and took some of that darkness with me. I am interested in what happens to people when they choose a certain path which involves inhumane acts. I always thought to myself, how does life guide somebody to make those choices and feel those feelings. At times it is quite delicious playing a malevolent character but I’m more interested in how someone arrives at that point. I want to rewind the story of their life and see at what point they chose that path. It’s always a fascination to me”…
    So why not Gilles de Rais as future role. This biography is a soft one:


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