Richard Armitage foozball diversion

I need to see more of those legs.

Richard Armitage and Magic FM Radio announcer Jamie Edwards play foozball, March 2013.

~ by Servetus on September 7, 2017.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage foozball diversion”

  1. Well. What I especially love about this post is that it led me to a ‘Related’ post I had not seen before: your femurgasm. Good lawd girl. Mmmmm.


  2. One long legged man lead me to think of another. Now I’ve got a song about a “Long Legged Guitar Playing Man” stuck in my head… Johnny Cash and June Carter having such fun singing together…


  3. Leg-endär!


  4. One of my fave ‘fun/relaxed’ photos of Richard sigh


  5. “Femurgasm” indeed! You naughty lovely ladies! Thank you, for made me smile even today.


  6. I’m always amused by how far he has to stoop in this photo.

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  7. One of my favorite shots. I keep it on my desktop.


  8. There must be a pun on “shot” there somewhere.


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