Richard Armitage is humbled



~ by Servetus on September 7, 2017.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage is humbled”

  1. £100,000+ next year?


    • LOL. Although I know this is not the majority position, I’ve never thought it was about the money. (just my opinion)


  2. Agreed. I understood it to be about behaviours – kindness, consideration, compassion, tolerance etc. rather than just raising funds. But hey money in the coffers is still a bonus!


  3. it really isn’t about the money ( which is needed) but it about the people who give and even giving a dollar may seem like $50 to that person, which is why the money donated shows a desire to help others no matter the amount. The money given is giving to the helper as well as the intended.


    • For most charities, it’s about participation rates (this is my takeaway from my brief work in fundraising back in 1998), which I found convincing, precisely for the reason you state — because not everyone can give much but most people can give just a little.


  4. Nice of him to acknowledge the birthday gifts. I didn’t expect that.


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