Richard Armitage not going to “tackle Greek” — a let down?

I’m getting regular reminders now that last year was a busy year. Roundabout Theatre Company wants me to renew my subscription — I would if I lived in NYC; I like their program. The Toronto Film Festival has been asking me to buy tickets for a while; it started two days ago. And the Tribeca Film Festival has added a TV component and is asking for advance signups for the spring of next year. I’m ignoring it all because, yeah, no Richard Armitage. I even said that to the person who called me from RTC: cast Armitage again and I will be right there. She promised to pass it on.

As I deleted another one of these messages today I realized that I felt mildly sad about it, and then it hit me — there’s been a part of me that’s been looking forward to the excitement that occurs around a play. Not just the play itself and the potential trip to London, but all the publicity and interviews and tweets. And although my excitement about the project was not unreserved, I would have loved to have seen Armitage in any Greek tragedy.

So meanwhile the perspective is Berlin Station — which I’m looking forward to, but not with that same energy that greets a possible live performance. And EPIX seems much less excited about the show this season than they did last year, so there’s been less to enthuse about.

So how are you feeling about this apparent change of plans?

~ by Servetus on September 9, 2017.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage not going to “tackle Greek” — a let down?”

  1. It occurs to me that there could have been an answer “disappointed it’s not happening but / and relieved to have more time to save up for the next one.”


  2. This additional one would get my vote. Now off to check down the back of the sofa for money…


  3. Gladly, but in a real ancient Roman theater, with ancient Greek historic clothing: half naked with a long toga dress, shoes with high heels (cothurnes), masks, crown . No bruised body please: becoming blind and with transpersed feet. I don’t like injured people.


  4. I missed something. Where does it say he is not doing that now?


  5. Answered ” Disappointed — wanted to see Armitage in live theatre” and I am still hoping for that with this Shakespeare thing he’s mentioned.


  6. There’s more disappointment about this than I would have expected. Interesting. I did not get the sense that many people were that interested in this role. (Of course 20 percent of respondents were not.)


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