Who shall live and who shall die

Jewish New Year begins tonight. Sombrely for me.

The text for tomorrow is the Akedah (the Binding of Isaac from Genesis 22, when G-d orders Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac and then backs off). Today I read a midrash (apparently from Bereishit Rabbah? I got it off a Breslov site) that said Isaac asked to be bound particularly tightly so that he would not flinch and invalidate the sacrifice.

That’s what I’m asking for this year. May I not flinch.

The text of Unnetanah Tokef is going to hit especially hard this year. I’m going to Chabad this year so here’s the English text from their Machzor.

Below, the melody for the refrain I always hope to hear.

Here’s Leonard Cohen’s version:

Shanah tovah — sweet and happy new year to all. May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life for health, prosperity, and peace. May Hashem to preserve us all but especially the weakest among us.

[As usual: I’ll be scarcer than usual the next two days.]

~ by Servetus on September 20, 2017.

8 Responses to “Who shall live and who shall die”

  1. Wishing you peace and fulfillment in the coming year.


  2. Beautiful and inspirational. Thank you and Happy Rosh Hashanah to all who celebrate. May the new year bring peace and joy to all.


  3. Shanah tovah to you Serv and may the year bring better things and peace to all of us , hugs


  4. Peace, love and health. May your new year be lovely. If this is new year, which year are you entering?


  5. Thanks for all the good wishes! I really appreciate the Jewish New Year because it gives me a chance for an off-schedule “restart.” Hope I live up to the opportunity!


  6. A month late to this, but Shana Tovah, Servetus!


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