A nice Richard Armitage / Paleyfest postscript

ICYMI. And wow, what an odd Rosh Hashanah lunch conversation. Happy New Year!

~ by Servetus on September 22, 2017.

4 Responses to “A nice Richard Armitage / Paleyfest postscript”

  1. I like Diane Gordon on Twitter 🙂 and I love this pic ❤


    • I love this pic, too. Someone (whom I eventually determined was a low level concern troll) told me once that she was convinced Armitage always looked like he was phoning it in when he was in candids with women who were not young, thin, and sexy. I said that I hadn’t noticed it, but if I ever needed counter evidence, this would provide some useful ammunition.

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      • I missed this response earlier! but I think I’ve heard similar comments before & I really don’t see that in him. If he ever comes across as disengaged in pics (and I don’t sense that often), that issue doesn’t seem to have any connection. And certainly doesn’t here!


        • Yeah, I think he’s realized how he has to posed and does it (I started writing a series about this a looooong time ago). Sometimes the pose doesn’t hit right. It’s not related to who he is being pictured with.

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