Some Sleepwalker news #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on September 26, 2017.

18 Responses to “Some Sleepwalker news #richardarmitage”

  1. So, streaming only via Amazon. No listing of a DVD in distribution as of yet.


    • No. I also think that’s a long shot given this distributor. However, I imagine it will be pirated.


      • Yes. DVD distribution costs so much, it is becoming rarer in indie distribution.


        • This is why I’ve never gotten on the “let’s have an Urban DVD” bandwagon. I don’t know if you remember Darren Denison and the “Staged” DVD. Denison is kind of a flim flam man but I also think he must have either taken a bath on the first run of DVDs, or else not realized how much work it was going to be. I think he charged $20 plus postage and that must have barely covered his costs. Not sure what the price point for Sleepwalker would be to make it truly worth it, but I’m guessing it would be high enough that a lot of people would balk at paying, and then you’re really facilitating piracy; you’re practically putting it into people’s hands.

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  2. That’s news!


  3. […] here from Me and Richard, found by fan, @Running_wilde who has shown some good investigatory skills! […]


  4. is it free with amazon prime?


  5. $19.99????? Ein Schnäppchen lol


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