And the United States once again cried crocodile tears

Mutatis mutandis.

“You’ll sit in your office and drink whiskey, and feel sorry for yourself, and you’ll tell people what you told me once, this job we do is a machine, good people go in and get chewed up and get spat out, that’s how you make sense of it.”

~ by Servetus on October 2, 2017.

21 Responses to “And the United States once again cried crocodile tears”

  1. This is terrible, I am too upset to say more. The BBC showed the speech Trump gave supporting gun ownership.


    • That was literally coming over the radio as I woke up. I have a radio alarm clock. It clicked on and it was Trump speaking. He quite frankly suffers from a personality disorder and cares for no one but himself. But the rest of us don’t have that excuse.


  2. Dear lady, Knowing there are still people out there (like you) that see through the bull and have the voice and the right words to expose it? It helps. I feel like I’m in quicksand or like Thorin being sucked into his pool of gold greed. I still search for and find glimmers of hope – people going to such extremes of sacrifice for others and the groups of unity being formed -ironically -in direct response to DJT’s divisive, corrosive rhetoric and actions. But it is increasingly difficult to imagine a scenario of recovery to sanity and civility.


    • I think we have to say, “this is the America we want,” since so many people either support this situation or are not willing to do anything to change it. Meanwhile the stocks of all the major gun manufacturers in the US jumped 5% in the hour after the news and we are likely to see a jump in firearms purchases this week. Just. like. always. Business. as. usual.


  3. Horrifying tragedy. It’s unbelievable that not even a gun permit is needed in Nevada. And assault rifles are totally legal. Then DT’s speech saying pretty much nothing of substance for nearly 5 minutes. Hard to fathom.


    • Data is uncertain, but it looks like he had at least one fully-automatic, which hasn’t been legal for a civilian to buy since 1986. You can only buy them on the private market, and it probably cost him something like $20k to buy. But yes, it would have qualified as legal.


    • Politicians are ALL in the hands of the gun lobby — so I have kind of quit listening to them on this question.

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  4. It’s becoming a true test of sanity to wake up in this country every morning.


    • I’d actually switched away from an NPR-news format “wake up” radio station because I was becoming unable to get out of bed — but I guess this is proof that you really can’t avoid knowing about the latest atrocity, even for a few minutes, anymore. Maybe we shouldn’t be able to. I definitely wake up every morning now thinking “what fresh hell is this”.


  5. Bitte spring nicht vom Dach – auch nicht im übertragenen Sinn.
    Aber es fühlt sich schrecklich an, selbst von hier aus. Ich kann dir noch nicht mal Mut zusprechen, weil es das alles schon oft gegeben hat und weil wir ja alle schon wissen, was wieder mal (nicht) passieren wird.
    Andererseits hat es in der Geschichte immer wieder sehr hoffnungslos ausgesehen und doch ist es Menschen gelungen, den Lauf der Dinge zu ändern.


    • I’m not hopeful under the current administration, which can’t even legislate about the things it really wants to do. But we’ll see. Right now I just wish the US would take an honest look at itself.


  6. We get told after ever shooting that “now” is not the time to talk about gun control. “Now” is not the time to make it about politics. We are being held hostage by the NRA. The GOP is owned by them. They tweet about sending thoughts and prayers to the victims but they don’t really care. I would encourage all Americans who are sick and tired of this, to research every candidate they come across in their local and national elections and never, ever vote for anyone who is under the NRA’s thumb. This won’t end until we end it. Until we stop voting for these people.


    • There’s practically no one left to vote for in that case, but I agree.

      This whole “don’t make it about politics” thing is sickening — insofar as somehow they think that the refusal to discuss it at certain times is itself UNpolitical. And this is the administration who seems to think that football games are all about politics.


  7. Except 11652 people, who were fatally wounded between 1.1.2017 and 3.10.2017 in the USA. Now in France the weapons become knives, gas bottles… mad world!


  8. Sure!
    I am to old to be able to change my mind and to forget my life when it was so quiet , some nostalgy…although my memory often fails nowadays.
    Even if I like studying Ireland’s bog bodies, I prefer caring, looking after living flesh and blood humanbeings’ health.


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