Hmmm #richardarmitage

~ by Servetus on October 7, 2017.

11 Responses to “Hmmm #richardarmitage”

  1. Hmmm too 😊


  2. You wanna get tickled by Richard Armitage?? 😀


  3. Tickling? Yeah, not so much.


  4. When I first glimpsed this it left me with a very tense impression — I didn’t look at it closely or the tags and it looked to me like he was getting ready to strangle her. I can’t really shake that feeling now. Weird.


    • That as my first impression too, very uncomfortable.. and i always had a suspicion that he might turn out to be a shady character in his one, but maybe i’m wrong.


  5. Yeah, it takes a while to realise they are both laughing.


  6. Tickling isn’t the first that springs to mind when I see this picture, but if SD says so.
    RA may be smiling, but AO looks in agony. I hate being tickled.


  7. Durch die Riemen zur Fixierung sieht das Bild auf den ersten Blick eher bedrohlich aus. Ich war verwirrt…
    Es wäre lustiger, wenn nur die Gesichter zu sehen wären und nicht so viel Umgebung.


  8. I guess she was photographing while they were filming or something?

    Thanks for your impressions everyone — glad to know I wasn’t totally out there on my perceptions of this one.


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