War of the Worlds stuff #richardarmitage

Courtesy of Perry, a podcast with a brief interview of Richard Armitage. (Seriously? You haven’t read the book?). Starts at about 13:00.

Courtesy of Veloce, the snippet from the interview cut out.

Courtesy of Hariclea, a link to the classic broadcast of War of the Worlds.

~ by Servetus on October 8, 2017.

10 Responses to “War of the Worlds stuff #richardarmitage”

  1. I’ve not read War of the Worlds either. Sci fi has been hit and miss for me, occasionally watched on TV or at the cinema over the years but I’ve never read a book in the genre, so once again I will be tackling something new courtesy of RA’s work.


    • Well, you’re not performing it, so I’ll cut you some slack. 🙂

      He’s also supposed to be a sci-fi lover. So it surprised me a bit that he hadn’t read it. That said, Wells is easier to watch or listen to that read, I think. We listened to the famous radio play in Language Arts in junior high school. It was one of the highlights of that year and the thing that got me into listening occasionally to old-time radio drama.


  2. As a teenager I have heard the radio play with Orson Welles in school, for me it was hard to understand but never read the book. Later I have had got the musical version of Jeff Wayne with Richard Burton as narrator on tape. I think I still have got it. Now the play with RA’s voice – sounds interesting


    • Wells was really popular — most of his stuff was serialized. But I think to read the originals now you have to enjoy that particular period of English lit (late 19th c.).


  3. Yes, the Orson Wells radio show caused quite a scare. Always found it fascinating. Wells had one of those voices you loved to listen to.


  4. Thank you for the links all in one spot.


  5. I haven’t either. But did watch the movie from 1953 some 15 or more years ago. Loved it!


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