Two new Pilgrimage reviews #richardarmitage

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Aced Magazine.

~ by Servetus on October 9, 2017.

7 Responses to “Two new Pilgrimage reviews #richardarmitage”

  1. Like that sentences , I am kidding:
    “FINAL ANALYSIS: A beautifully filmed and directed movie for predominantly a male audience”. Why male?
    “Granted, having grown up in Ireland I’m only too aware of the cold weather that can plague the country, especially during the Winter months but the movie generates genuine Irish living conditions that dominated the island during that timeframe”. Why winter?
    “While much of Ireland is absolutely stunning, parts of the country are devastatingly barren and desolate. The producers of “Pilgrimage” chose to take advantage of these locations and in doing so, have given their film a more realistic and authentic feel for what life must have been like back then”. Sure but those devastatingly barren and desolate areas are absolutely the most stunning ones for me.


    • I like those sentences and I am kidding:


      • I was going to say that one aspect of the reputation of Ireland in the US is that it’s infinitely green. It’s one of the selling points. It was something i liked about the film, too, that it wasn’t that piece of Ireland we were seeing.


  2. I don’t remember all those bonus features, must blu-ray only.


  3. Just watched this tonight and thought of you. He was incredible in this role! Tom Holland and The Punisher weren’t bad either. 😀

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    • I thought the best things about the film were definitely the performances — I think it will have a long shelf life for that reason. Stanley Weber, also.

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