California, oh!

Our fellow fan TeasingArmitage (Carolyn) is in the fire-affected region. Her son’s school burned down a day or so ago.

[and there’s Puerto Rico]

Prayers for everyone who is suffering.

~ by Servetus on October 12, 2017.

7 Responses to “California, oh!”

  1. Friends of mine in Santa Rosa have lost their home and, as another friend put it, 47 years of memories. Thank G-d, they are safe, along with the husband’s very elderly mother, and their pets.

    But the news this morning is not encouraging… more deaths and destruction. And, as you say, Puerto Rico. And the Rohingya people. And all we can do is contribute to relief efforts, which just doesn’t seem nearly enough.


    • What a loss for your friends and a shock to their mother.

      I don’t think I’ve been so aware of how privileged and lucky I am as I have been this year.


  2. Sending prayers be strong


  3. so many natural disasters, almost too many to comprehend and all the devastation to life and property. Overwhelming. To those who are there, my prayers and blessings.


  4. My prayers to all who suffered losses in the past few months. May God bless everyone with comfort, faith, love and a loving family!


  5. It sure is hard to wrap one’s head around all these terrible events. Praying for all who are affected – either directly or their loved ones.


  6. Joining everyone’s prayers.


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