Richard Armitage at the theater

~ by Servetus on October 14, 2017.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage at the theater”

  1. Sorry but I don’t share his passion for Mike Bartlett plays ‘Wild’ was not to my taste.


  2. Stalker!! Where is he following me next??? Heisenberg principle? 😆😆😆


  3. Surprised he’s in London. Is something going on? Any rumours/ideas?

    He should go and see Oslo. Saw it on Wednesday – engaging play and performances!


  4. “Muscular” – he’s used this word before to describe another play he liked, right?

    Have you seen Dr Foster – another of Bartlett’s works. Wonder whether Richard will do a marquee British television series anytime soon,


    • I think you’re right re: muscular.

      What did you think of Dr. Foster? I haven’t seen it, have heard the first season was great, the second not so much?


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