Richard Armitage really liked Albion, too

[I find this sympathetic — these are the kinds of days I love, with as much culture packed in as possible. If I were him I’d have tried to fit in a movie before the matinee and then a wonderful dinner before the evening show.]


~ by Servetus on October 15, 2017.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage really liked Albion, too”

  1. Yep, it looked as if he did a double-bill of theatre yesterday. Nice. It’s relatable.


  2. The comments on the two plays are gone from Twitter now. This one’s still on Instagram. Certainly a different way he has of doing things!


    • I can still see them.


      • Ok that’s really strange. I can see them on my mobile but not on my laptop. Hmm.


      • Apparently it’s some kind of a (new?) Twitter thing where tweets that start with @ rather than .@ can only be seen in some feeds. Depending on whether you follow the @ person or something. But also looks like you can see @ tweets on Apple products (your Mac and my iPhone) but not on other PCs (my laptop).


        • Honestly. Twitter risks making itself so complicated that no one can use it as an information source. I’ve gotten better at finding what I am looking for, but it’s always a crapshoot — and trying to optimize so that Twitter actually makes visible what I tweet to my own TL and to the Richard Armitage hashtag has been a struggle, often without explanation for what is going on.


          • I don’t really understand it… just seems like no one makes sure that the same thing can be seen on all platforms etc. Twitter is a bit of a mystery to me, but I’ll probably sign up when I have some time to look at it, just so I can follow some of the accounts I look at most often.


            • yeah, it is super puzzling to me that any platform (FB does it too) that is about information and communication would intentionally hide information in a place you couldn’t find it. Infuriating, in fact.

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