Chatting about #MeToo

Excerpts from a conversation last Friday:
[me]: In light of everything that’s happening re: Weinstein, I want to express my gratitude that you believed me re: [my harasser] and stood up for me. I still don’t like thinking about it, but I appreciated and appreciate your support and the price you have paid for it.
[him]: Thanks a lot, but you shouldn’t thank me. But I agree with you that it was a considerable price for all of us to pay. For us three it was connected with the end of a lengthy, intimate friendship, to say nothing of the professional relationships. […] These crimes that [your harasser] committed are like a poison that not only contaminated the people who were affected directly, but everyone who ends up having to deal with it as well, a poison that paralyzes and destroys and that doesn’t decay away over the years. It’s good for us to talk about it, finally, even if it hurts.
I think I’m not to that place yet. I couldn’t really talk about it with him, even though the fact that he believed me and supported me had almost as big a cost for him as the harassment itself did for me. But I’m trying. Meanwhile, check out Guylty‘s and Esther‘s #MeToo posts.
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~ by Servetus on October 18, 2017.

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