Richard Armitage tangentially related

Reading around subjects of interest to Richard Armitage fans.

Berlin Station:

Professional matters:

Being a fan:

On having a political doppelganger with the same name:

Richard Armitage’s favorite books:

And this has nothing to do with Armitage, but it’s stuck in my mind:

~ by Servetus on October 31, 2017.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Claire Foy made me laugh!


    • Me too. I mean, I also think that the real Queen Elizabeth speaks strangely but I’m not sure I would if I were from Manchester.


  2. That cake looks and sounds amazing! And as fancy as it looks, the instructions are pretty simple. You should make it!


    • The trick is in getting the egg whites so stiff that they are not weighed down by the other elements in the batter. This can be difficult depending on environmental conditions. If the temperature’s wrong or the whites get to warm, one can end up with a poorly aerated batter that will yield a flat cake, or cooked egg white. However, I probably will try it eventually.


  3. Loved the clip with Claire Foy, I agree with Emma Thompson about our Queen, her voice is weird.


    • it always sounds a bit pinched to me. But then … she’s really from another century, literally and metaphorically.


  4. I have a soft spot for the Queen. I think because she looks almost exactly like my own mother! Lol!


    • I feel bad that she’s had such struggles with her sons — but then I think that they were mostly raised as if they were living in the nineteenth century.


  5. Claire Foy was funny! I have this picture now of the a Queen practising her accent before public appearances!


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