I wonder if there’s any meaning to the attachment of a picture of Richard Armitage to this UPI article about the upcoming Tolkien series, or if it’s just random. Article says no casting has been announced.

~ by Servetus on November 13, 2017.

15 Responses to “Huh”

  1. Yes! He’ll make a super Batman, Mr. Fantastic, Daredevil, etc.! I am keeping my fingers crossed.


    • Affleck has now been quoted a few times as being cagey or reluctant about Batman — that would be a huge career move for Armitage.


  2. I was right. It will be pre-LOTR. Now we have to wait for more info.


  3. Oh my God let it be😘


  4. Ohhh, Hoffnung kann so grausam sein.
    Und ich weiß nicht mal, ob ich wirklich hoffen soll. Da kann so viel schief gehen. Allein die Frage, ob sie es schaffen würden der Geschichte gerecht zu werden und dem sehr aufwändigen Design und überhaupt. Das sind sehr große Fußstapfen, wie man so sagt.
    Wenn es natürlich gelänge, dann wäre es wunderbar, wenn RA dabei wäre… sehrtiefseufz


    • To be honest, I really wonder how eager he’d be to do Tolkien again.


      • Aber kann das wirklich Tolkien sein? Ich denke, die Erben halten die Rechte und wollen nicht, dass mehr Material verfilmt wird??
        Womöglich könnte RA befürchten, sich zu sehr festzulegen. Andererseits liegen mittlerweile einige Jahre dazwischen und er spielte auch einen zweiten Spion/Agenten.
        Hattest du den Eindruck, dass er das Genre nicht mag?


        • I’m not an expert, but movie, film and merchandise rights to the Hobbit, LOTR and the appendices to these books are held by a different entity, the Saul Zaentz company. Zaentz licensed various entities (distributors, production companies) to create the LOTR and Hobbit films. In the course of that, Warner Bros. created a series of video and analog games; the Tolkien Estate and HarperCollins (the owner of the publishing rights for the books) sued Warner Bros. in 2012 over their alleged lack of a license to create these products. This suit was resolved this summer, which re-opened the possibility that the Tolkien Estate might cooperate with someone. My impression is that the Tolkien Estate’s issues were two-fold: they felt they were underpaid for the Hobbit / LOTR rights (a ship that sailed decades ago when they were sold), and Christopher Tolkien hated the Jackson films. So if the Tolkien Estate wanted to sell some other piece of its intellectual property, now would be the time, and they certainly could specify that Jackson not be involved in the product, or they could negotiate for more creative control (the Zaentz contract did not give them that).

          Armitage hasn’t said much, other than that he felt he was done with Thorin, that he was tired of things with dragons in them, and that he hadn’t seen any of Game of Thrones. Which does suggest that he was tired of Tolkien when he said these things (about two years ago now). I wonder if the spy genre lies a bit closer to his own personality and his interest in invisibility.


        • so it turns out — see link above — that Christopher Tolkien, the main engine behind the estate’s ire against Jackson, has retired.


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