Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller: Commando or conventional?

You can click any of these pictures for a slight enlargement.




Commando? (no panty line?)

~ by Servetus on November 14, 2017.

28 Responses to “Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller: Commando or conventional?”

  1. Well – having examined these pics closely* I would say commando.

    *Honestly the tough research we do for this fandom…such troopers…


  2. I still haven’t made up my mind; one can’t rush these decisions, lots of perusal required 😉
    BTW I’d love to know what those who voted for “other” had in mind lol


    • Yes, we may have to fund a months long research project into this question!

      Other: one possibility is that he did several takes of the scene and was differently clad in each.

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    • I was focussing so hard on the pics i didn’t even notice the poll. I have voted now and agree we need some explanations from whoever voted ‘other’


      • prosthesis?


        • Oh my goodness 😍😶😇👿😇😍
          As often, my mind reels with possible replies ☺😊☺
          Though I may be somewhat inspired:

          The most recent antics of Daniel Miller
          With Esther (his squeeze) have proven quite a thriller!
          As we, compelled to gaze askance (a-Skants??),
          Now soberly ponder those mysterious sweatpants….
          Does he? Doesn’t he?? Who can say???
          But helpless are we to look away!
          So vote one, vote all! – Tho nothing we prove,
          Since only one can this riddle remove! 😎

          I hope Kathy weighs in as well- it’s ahem clearly an inspirational poll 😀


  3. Thank you for the poll and the pictures😃. For what it’s worth, I think he has gone commando… 😆 Now, I can’t help wondering whether this is his usual practice?! (Sorry, just indulging a guilty pleasure!!)


  4. Definitely commando, imo. I did some further sleuthing to find another shot from last season and stumbled across this one: which is actually from this site! If you look at where the shorts start in this picture, and assuming he’d have been wearing the same or similar to this, I think we’d see them peeking out from the tops of the sweatpants if he’d been wearing any. But maybe I’m overthinking this…It’s pretty tough not to think too much about this, though…!


  5. Well, well, well, and here’s me wondering if Ms Krug/Tander is pregnant…I really have to get my priorities straight 🙂
    Commando…? Just too unhygienic 🙂


  6. Pourquoi j’ai répondu “other”?
    Hier après midi, au travail, j’ai discuté avec un adjudant chef de l’armée de terre française, qui me parlait de son mal être professionnel et familial. Selon lui il y aurait 30% de problèmes de couple chez les militaires. Agé de 47 ans, il travaille dans une base militaire à 100kms loin de chez lui. En semaine, il ne revient auprès de ses proches qu’une fois, le mardi soir. Pour cela il doit arriver le soir très tard 18h30 et repartir le lendemain matin à 5h30 par le train. C’est trop peu de temps : une “peau de chagrin”.
    Il a connu des missions en Afghanistan et en Afrique et trouve normal de partir loin. Il aime son travail et veut continuer à l’exercer. Mais actuellement, il ne peut obtenir de sa hiérarchie une mutation vers un poste plus proche.
    Nous avons discuté du livre et de l’interview à la télévision du Général Pierre de Villiers (ancien chef d’ état- major des armées). Il a donné sa démission au président Emmanuel Macron, à cause de problèmes de restrictions de financements de l’armée et de propos grossiers (tenus par ce général) sortis dans les médias, alors qu’ils avaient été tenus dans une réunion privée.
    Les soucis psychologiques de DM, sa tenue vestimentaire légère, son jeu lors de cette scène résonnaient mal, faux, par rapport avec ce que j’avais entendu le jour même par de vrais militaires…
    Coîncidence malheureuse sinon j’aurai peut- être voté différemment.


    • I’m not sure if you know the expression “going commando,” for “not wearing underwear.” (I don’t know why that practice is associated with the term or if it even has anything to do with the military.) I think what people were confused about is that the question is more or less an exclusive one; either he’s wearing underwear or he isn’t. The post was intended as a light-hearted comment on Armitage’s dress, not a referendum on whether the scene was convincing. I’m of course in sympathy with real soldiers.


      • A new expression for me, sorry.
        So why not a commando string, made of string like those that soldiers use when they climb at the ropes?


  7. ah Serve, these surveys are so interesting … need something to take my mind of the daily garbage out there. Def. commando I would say. Noticed as soon as the scene started ( hangs head in shame and grins). He has done it before and hopefully will do so again!


  8. thong?


  9. Commando for sure. He is just being himself . All natural. No pretensions. All raw masculine beauty 😍


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