Note to Berlin Station writers

This kind of news is what’s really shocking: CDU / CSU (Merkel’s party) unable to form coalition. And this is the kind of thing that German politics could founder on. Why am I not surprised it’s the FDP messing things up? In the words of an old friend of mine: Fieslinge!

~ by Servetus on November 20, 2017.

6 Responses to “Note to Berlin Station writers”

  1. [irony] Maybe this is another plot from Hanes and his cronies to get Gerhardt elected and their spy network up and running? [/irony]


    • That’s right, because all of German politics can be reduced to conspiracy! [sarcasm]


      • Yes, Germany is a ‘Bananenrepublik’ full of conspiracies and wanglings and secretly run by the US government 🙂


        • well, up to the last election we’ve been doing a surprisingly good job then! (why can’t we have universal health insurance in the US if we’re running it for you? Man!) [sarcasm]


          • Well there have to be at least one or two benefits for the poor Bananenrepublik-people 😎 😉
            Wenns nicht so traurig wäre, könnte man wirklich fast drüber lachen!


            • I think it would be laughing at this if it weren’t for the current political situation. Like, if this had been made five years ago. It would just be silly, then.

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