Some HD Richard Armitage / Berlin Station pix

I’m trying to figure out why they apparently update their non-U.S. press pages faster than their U.S. ones. Source.

This one is from episode 8:

~ by Servetus on November 20, 2017.

21 Responses to “Some HD Richard Armitage / Berlin Station pix”

  1. Very nice 😊 I love that navy linen (?) shirt – he looks so good in blue.


  2. Nice photos although he looks very pensive/sad in the last. I wonder if we will see more of the grey hair.


  3. Love the grey peeping out – and the blue colour of the shirt – but not the shirt itself – I’m more partial to what’s in the shirt 🙂


  4. What i don’t get is where in that flat oh his with just empty racks and a couple of metal suitcases are these clothes? He must be great at ironing or something but somehow Daniel ironing is an image i can’t quite compute… and suddenly he so all together at work again..
    But it looks lovely on him 🙂


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