Richard Armitage / Tattooist of Auschwitz

Guylty and Perry have commented. I’m even less excited about this than I was last night about Wolverine. However, to be honest, I haven’t even listened to any of his Dickens, or Romeo & Juliet or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde yet, although I do own them both and plan to listen to the latter when I can make some time for it.

Even apart from the projects, audiobooks don’t really fit into my life. Audible doesn’t play in my car (my car stereo is too old to play mp3 discs), and I don’t go on long car drives anymore like I used to anyway, so the books that I have real audiodiscs for are languishing as well. Ear buds make my ears itch so bad I want to scratch them off — I have ear phones for when I need that function — and I don’t have an mp3 player and I hate my smart phone. So really, if I want to listen to an audiobook I have to sit at my computer for five hours and not do anything else. My interest level in them is just not high enough for that. I used to listen to them while grading, but I don’t grade much anymore, either. If I’m going to sit still for that long, I prefer to read the actual book and make my own universe.

Even more than that, and I know this is a controversial position: what’s great about Richard Armitage is his full-body, whole person acting. In general, I would say, he is a much better physical actor than a voice actor, and not just by a little bit, by miles. What’s amazing, again and again, is not the way he speaks but the way he moves, the way he puts together the pieces of another person’s body and then lives in it for a time. So for me, an audiobook is fifty percent or less of what we get from a screen performance of Armitage, and that in turn is fifty percent or less of what we get from the electricity he exudes in a live performance. I realize that he can’t be acting all the time and he enjoys doing audiobooks. I do not object to this, I just can’t get excited about it, either, unless he’s doing some project that really interests me.

In light of those factors, plus the general, huge overproduction of Auschwitz / Holocaust stories, and the horrible way that so many of them are written, even those that claim to be literature, I’ll wait to see how I’m feeling when this project is released, and get involved then, if at all.

But he’s looking good. And now I’ve got another Richard Armitage in red photo for the Chinese New Year. Look at those hands. Source.

~ by Servetus on December 6, 2017.

16 Responses to “Richard Armitage / Tattooist of Auschwitz”

  1. Respectfully disagree with you in part. I believe that we haven’t even learned a small portion of all the Holocaust stories that must be out there, and likely will never be known, as the survivors are dying off every day. I have reason to believe that some of my own distant relatives were at Auschwitz and I have no idea if they survived. I would be forever grateful if I could learn of them somehow..through someone else’s story or, if the planets all align, I could be the one to do it. I understand this subject is not for everyone..but these types of stories should continue to be brought forth.


    • Where in this piece did I say people should not continue to research stories regarding the Holocaust or Auschwitz? You’re disagreeing with something I didn’t say.


  2. Aww nuts. I was hoping that it would be more Castlevania. Not saying that this audiobook won’t be interesting. . . it’s just not in my area on interest.


    • well, he’s already finished the next 8 episodes, no? So I assume they will wait on the reception of those before they start more. Although right now I would be jazzed for more of that.


  3. Red shirt >>>>>>>>>>>>>>audiobooks.


    • it looks really good here. I wouldn’t have said red was really in his color palette, but then that earlier picture with red had him with dark black hair, too. Maybe it’s the lighting or the current color of his hair.


  4. I’m also not particularly fond of the audiobooks – I’m another one who doesn’t have time to sit & listen for hours on end. And while I do have some long trips from time to time, I’m too busy concentrating on my driving (& listening to two teens squabble) to listen.
    The other big problem I have, when I have tried to listen to the audiobooks, is that I get caught up listening to his voice that I really don’t pay attention to what he’s actually saying.


  5. I’m sitting on the fence here because whilst I have enjoyed some of his audio work ( the earlier stuff up to amd including Macbeth – the more recent books haven’t appealed) I also agree that he is a superb physical actor and it is that that lifts him above most other actors in my opinion. You see the dancer in his movement – this big man who is so elegant and purposeful in his movement. I was also somewhat underwhelmed at this announcement.


    • I suppose now we have the explanation that he probably had planned this time for My Zoe and that dematerialized, so he was looking for other stuff to do.


  6. Yeah, I’m with you on not being overly excited about audio projects. However, I am curious about the Tattooist project and what Richard will do with that, but I’ll never love audiobooks in general, not even Richard’s in particular.

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  7. I usually listen to audiobooks in the car. Each short car trip then is something to look forward to. When I’m stressed, listening to RA’s voice as I drive calms me. (I don’t like earbuds much either and I can’t see sitting in front of a computer for several hours listening.) Not sure how I feel about this project. What I’ve seen bills it as historical fiction, even though based on a true story.


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