Germany’s next government?

For those who don’t read German, here‘s a solid, centrist summary of what’s been happening in German parliamentary politics since the FDP collapsed negotiations for a Jamaica coalition. It starts with the re-election of Martin Schulz as the SPD party leader and the SPD’s tentative agreement to seek a grand coalition with the CDU / CSU (Merkel’s party, which got the largest share of seats in the Bundestag but not a majority). It considers the possibilities for a coalition that many will argue is destructive to the SPD and to the energy and creativity of German politics, but would probably be more generally protective of democracy than the other options (new elections, or the CDU / CSU forming a minority government). I agree that they should try to avoid new elections at all costs — but then I spent a lot of time in graduate school on studying the disastrous electoral politics of the Weimar Republic.

~ by Servetus on December 8, 2017.

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