Holidays getting you down?

As long-time readers know, I’ve always been more than a bit of a Scrooge. Christianity (ironically) does not show itself from its best side during December, and I’m probably as down on the religion of my forebears as I have ever been at the moment. Given the political atmosphere, I figured this year was going to be a struggle, but not quite at the level that it has been. Halfway through Chanukkah and ten days away from Christmas, and after a frustrating negotiation with family members over planned events and gifts yesterday, I think I’ve reached the official point of no return on holiday cheer for the year. I’m counting the minutes till January 1 at this point.

I don’t really have any advice, either for myself or for fellow sufferers, but I’m trying to do three things:

  • schedule as little possible and have the lowest possible expectations for those events; and
  • be nice to other people; and
  • be kind to myself for my failure to join in the general atmosphere of glee.

Usually in a situation like this, I’d try to donate some money, but I have maxed out my entire charity budget over disaster relief. So no donation from me in honor of Christmas to any of Richard Armitage’s recommended charities this year — but if you feel led and have the funds to spare, I know those organizations, as well as any local charities you favor, would be grateful for your support.

Happy holidays to the rest of us and here’s to a quick end to 2017.

~ by Servetus on December 15, 2017.

24 Responses to “Holidays getting you down?”

  1. same. on all counts.


  2. I personally prefer to call myself spiritual – organized religion lost me a long time ago, I just shake my head in wonder at its lack of truly understanding what they have come to. To me this Christmas is about spending time with my brothers & sisters I still have with me. Kindness and love are what is important anytime of the year, hopefully it does bring about a little more from others, even if temp. I give monthly to a charity and it is so easy to become overwhelmed with everything going on in this crazy world. I just want the peace of being with my family for the holiday. There is nothing I require or need.


  3. I’m having trouble getting into any sort of Christmas spirit this year, despite having decorated my house. I think I’m just too exhausted. I’m looking forward to a few days off and spending some time with my husband and kids. I went back to your earlier post and listened to Maddy Prior sing Gaudete. That was one of my favourite Steeleye Span songs in the ’70’s. Amazing they could still sing it so well so many years later.

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  4. Years of working Christmas retail left me with a shred of Christmas spirit I protect at all costs. One of those jobs was at a trans-denominational Christian bookstore. Yes, that job had plenty of stories.


    • I think a lot of the negativity I’m feeling at the moment is coming from the failure of Christians to live up to their self-disseminated press. It’s not that I think Christians should be better than other people; it’s that they are always, always telling me they are and I have seen so much evidence to the contrary this year and this last month. I’ve spent a lot of my life defending Xty from the outside in various ways but it’s just become an untenable position.

      [in short, I sympathize]

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  5. The spirit of joy that is usually effortless around my own kids has deserted me this year. I’ve not even had the gumption to finish decorating or shopping. will make for a long week next week…hey ho, here we go.


  6. Never got a chance to wish you a Happy Hannukah…maybe now your festive attitude wil return ūü§£
    However, I understand. I have been all form and function between drowning sorrows. Did all my shopping online, avoided stores like the plague. Am trying to do things for my other two kiddos, but even they are off-kilter. Just spending time with those we love and counting off the days. These days are just…hard.ūüėĎ
    Sending love and thanks for all your kindnesses this year.


    • I am sending you a big hug — I imagine it will be a difficult year for you. I try to keep reminding myself that the sun rises every morning. Don’t know if that will be helpful to you, but maybe.


  7. Vos paroles me touchent beaucoup, j’aimerais trouver les mots justes pour apaiser votre tristesse, votre col√®re et votre sentiment d’impuissance.
    Les vacances sont toujours un moment suspendu dans le temps et la fin de l’ann√©e est un moment de retrouvailles familiales et de bilan. Ces moments ne sont PAS TOUJOURS HEUREUX.
    L’ aspect commercial pr√©vaut trop souvent sur la spiritualit√© et les paroles des humains non fid√®les √† leurs actes.
    Si vous voulez, je vous laisse deux titres de chansons d’ Alain Souchon, pour √©tudier leurs paroles.

    “Et Si En Plus Y’a Personne”

    Abderhamane, Martin, David
    Et si le ciel était vide
    Tant de processions, tant de têtes inclinées
    Tant de capuchons tant de peur souhaitées
    Tant de démagogues de Temples de Synagogues
    Tant de mains pressées, de prières empressées
    (refrain):Tant d’ang√©lus Ding Qui r√©sonne Et si en plus Ding Y’a personne
    Abderhamane, Martin, David
    Et si le ciel était vide
    Il y a tant de torpeurs
    De musiques antalgiques
    Tant d’anti-douleurs dans ces jolis cantiques
    Il y a tant de questions et tant de mystères
    Tant de compassions et tant de revolvers
    Arour hachem, Inch Allah
    Are Krishhna, Alléluia
    Abderhamane, Martin, David
    Et si le ciel était vide
    Si toutes les balles traçantes
    Toutes les armes de poing
    Toutes les femmes ignorantes
    Ces enfants orphelins
    Si ces vies qui chavirent
    Ces yeux mouillés
    Ce n’√©tait que le vieux plaisir
    De zigouiller (refrain)

    “Foule sentimentale”

    Aussi je vous souhaite de retrouver votre paix intérieure.


    • 2 fautes d’orthographe trouv√©es, SORRY, je ne me suis pas m√©fi√©e de ce texte qui ne m’appartient pas..
      “tant d’angelus, ding, qui r√©sonneNT”, “de peurS souhait√©es”


      • Thanks — that first song is beautiful, and I did not know it. Definitely reflects my current mood (and I’m generally a religious person, sad to say).


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