East Midlands Christmas breakfast for Richard Armitage?

Interesting article in the Guardian about how best to eat pork pie. I learned a lot, including what a “picky tea” is. Can’t say I’d necessarily want that for breakfast, though. Here‘s some more information on the context of Armitage’s pork pie love, including a link to the original interview in which he confesses his pork pie love.

~ by Servetus on December 16, 2017.

13 Responses to “East Midlands Christmas breakfast for Richard Armitage?”

  1. Our classic car club had its Christmas buffet on Thursday the pork pies disappeared very quickly it’s a favourite. I love that interview the hair isn’t the best but Chop is definitely in the room.


    • It’s the kind of thing my father would really enjoy trying, I suspect.

      I loved that interview, too, esp the joking about playing the cello.


  2. I read an article not to long ago that was about one of the professional basketball venues serving meat pies and the Australians were chastising us for eating them wrong. I often get meat pies at the Scottish/Irish festivals during the summer here and I love them, but I’ve been eating them with a knife & fork (gasp!). I now have permission to eat them with my hands 😀

    as for the Pork Pie, I’m not so sure about that. the jelly-like substance that oozes out when you bite into it, and eating it cold for breakfast. I would have to break the rules and eat it hot, later in the day. I will try to eat it with my hands, just don’t tell my father 😉


    • That knife / fork thing …. I think my hair is turning grey enough now that servers are putting me in the “how older people eat” category. They always give me a knife and fork for my brownie at Starbucks, and at bars, they’ve started to bring me a glass if I order a bottled beer.

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  4. Damn you Peter Jackson for not letting him sing more! Pork pies, Red Leicester, fish & chips, got it. You never know when such information could come in handy. 😂. Didn’t he also say in an interview that his mother was very big on healthy eating? Healthy for England in the 70’s & 80’s, or contemporary healthy. I hope the former, it’s better for the myth.


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